Clinic Reservation is a turn key online booking system designed specifically for Healthcare clinics to better manage resources, saving time and money.

Streamline Your Resources

Clinic Reservation can help you plan adequately and efficiently manage your flu shot clinics. It will give you the ability to better prepare for staffing and supply needs, well in advance of individual clinics. With Clinic Reservation you will be poised to meet public healthcare demand.

Secure, Confidential & Reliable

Clinic Reservation uses encrypted communications and secure servers to keep patient information private. Only the essential information required to book is collected from patients, and that info is deleted when no longer needed. Our servers also have the necessary redundancy in place to ensure Clinic Reservation is always up and ready for reservations!

Visible, Accessible & Convenient

Clinic Reservation is an accessible and convenient way for your patients to find your clinic and easily book their appointment time online. Other benefits include:

  • public awareness will be generated for your clinic; that you offer free inoculations and other important services
  • your clinic will be viewed as credible and available to service the public in your immediate area
  • your clinic will be listed with other organizations that offer preventative public healthcare
  • patients will know that you care about providing a higher level of customer service and convenience

Features at a Glance

Some of the key features of this system include:

  • easy and secure export of registration information database
  • create your own clinic dates and locations
  • add blackout dates and times to accommodate staff breaks and other needs
  • add and remove registrations as needed
  • email appointment confirmations


Clinic Reservation is easy to use, allowing you and your resources to focus on your business, not IT. Along with a reference manual, your clinic will also have access to customer support via phone or email available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST if you need any assistance.

You value your patients' health. Together, we'll value their time.

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